About me

Hi y’all.  I’m Susie and welcome to my new travel blog, 11 Quay Walls.  I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to talk about all my favourite things, but mainly travel. I`m in my late twenties and am currently living abroad in Thailand, Southeast Asia.   

I love travelling to new places, revisiting old favourites and just generally exploring cities and towns. I started travelling around 10 years ago, and have been to some of the most incredible places, met some of the most incredible people and had some of the most incredible experiences. Nothing can compare to stepping off the plane, bus or train in a new city and scrambling to work out your bearings.

Other interests of mine include food, live music, design, health and fitness and fashion.  I love trying out different foods on street corners whilst listening to street music and chatting amongst travellers and locals alike.  

Hopefully this blog inspires you, and me, to get off our backsides and travel and experience the world more.  One country at a time.