How to eat street food and not get sick

How to eat street food and not get sick

One of the most common mistakes people make when travelling is avoiding eating Street Food.  It is so common to hear people say, I’m going travelling but don’t worry I won’t eat the street food. When travelling I much prefer to eat Street food for so many different reasons. It`s a great way to cheaply experience many different types of food, it’s social you can chat with the locals as well as tourists and more importantly you can see and watch them make your food.


Check out the lines

Everyone knows that you should always pick food from the stall with the longest line, and particularly the most locals. However, it’s more important to check out who is in line. You might think that your stomach is as resilient as most locals, but it’s probably not quite to the standard of the taxi driver used to quick street meals.  


Go back to school

Looking for a cheap lunch? Head to the local university and check out the nearby places.  Students tend to be hungry, and you can often find some great variations of well known dishes.  It might not be the best meal of your life, but it will be a great, cheap, local meal.



Prior to buying your meal at a stall check out how the food and money is handled. If the person is touching money and food with the same gloveless or gloved hands then it’s best to avoid it. Two party stalls are a great bet, or stalls where they put gloves on for food prep.


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