Street food in Bangkok.

Street food in Bangkok.

Street food is one of my favourite ways to explore and taste a new town or city.  And there’s nowhere better to do this than in Thailand, and in particular Bangkok. The town is split into many areas, and each area has different versions of street food.  For the uninitiated, the world of Thai street food can be a scary but wonderful experience, however when you know where to go it can lead to hours upon hours of culinary delights.


Considered by many to be the birthplace of Thai street food, Chinatown should be at the top of your list. Known by locals as Yaowarat, this area has some delights.

Satay – Chicken, Pork of Beef Satay threaded onto a bamboo stick and grilled over a bbq or an open flame.
Served with peanut sauce, and cucumber, shallots and chilli in sugar syrup.

I also recommend; Sukiyaki and Lod Chong Singapore

Old Town

A great place to find old-style Thai dishes not served anywhere else.

Khao gaeng – Curried rice.
Served for breakfast and lunch.
Stalls include Khao gaeng Rattana where they serve gaeng kiew waan gai (Green chicken curry) and gaeng som goong (sour curry with shrimp)

Other recommended dishes include; Tom Yum Talay (spicy lemongrass soup with seafood) and Guay tiew pad kee mao (Stir fried noodles with chillies)

Silom and Sathorn

Silom road and Sathorn road are considered to be part of Bangkok’s Central business district. Don’t let this put you off though as some of the best and cheapest dishes can be found here.  

Khao soy – curried egg noodles.
More commonly found in parts of northern thailand. This curry is a mix of chinese style noodles, served in a coconut milk curry broth with deep fried noodles and beef or chicken.
Other recommendations include; Ped thun (braised duck) and Bamee Asawin